Gnomes!  This is what the site is all about.  Here are the gnomes.

Football Garden Gnomes

Football Garden Gnomes for sale at great prices

Football Garden Gnomes – welcome to the collection If you don’t fancy a funny gnome, or maybe a rude or zombie one, maybe football garden gnomes are more to your liking? Many people are keen gardeners and tend their garden with loving care. Many people are keen football supporters and follow their team with passion and […]

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Giant Garden Gnome

Large Garden Gnomes for sale at great prices

Large Garden Gnomes If you’re not looking for rude, or funny gnomes, perhaps we need to think in terms of scale and you need to be searching for large garden gnomes. It’s all very well assuming that gnomes are little people and having little representations of them dotted about your garden. But sometime you just […]

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Best Christmas Gnomes 2021

Best Christmas Gnomes for 2021

Christmas Gnomes are a fabulous Christmas decoration treat and will add happiness and your cheer to your home at Christmastime. Over the years there have been many different Christmas decoration trends. We’ve had pineapple based decorations and christmas trees of all colours, to name a few. But the hot Christmas decorating trend of 2020, and […]

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Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome Funny Garden Gnome

Funny Garden Gnomes – Funny gnomes for sale here

Funny Garden Gnomes During our many incursions into the world wide web, we have seen so many funny garden gnomes for sale it’s hard to decide which ones to showcase here. Never mind, we’ll just pick some of our favourites and try to put them into some sort of order.  Maybe you will find one you like. […]

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Traditional Garden Gnomes

Traditional Garden Gnomes

Whenever anyone mentions traditional garden gnomes, almost everyone will have the same image come into their mind. They have familiar characteristics and the traditional male garden gnomes have their quirks and features, with traditional female garden gnomes equally well known. The traditional male gnomes all dress and look the same. Tall red hat, green tunic, […]

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garden gnome couples

Garden Gnome Couples to add love to your garden

  You might not think it but gnomes get lonely too so there are many garden gnome couples. They have an image of being very grumpy and short tempered but in reality many are loving and caring. And once a gnome man and a gnome lady find their perfect match, nothing can separate them in […]

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DT Biker Garden Gnome

Biker Garden Gnomes to toughen up your garden

Best Biker Gnomes 2019   Biker Garden Gnomes seem to have become quite popular recently. Perhaps out of a bit of an urge to imagine gnomes in a different way? It’s all very well thinking of rude garden gnomes, funny garden gnomes, zombie or football gnomes, but there is another way. Traditional they have red […]

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Zombie Garden Gnome

Zombie Garden Gnomes – The Great Invasion

Zombie garden gnomes can be a great alternative to rude, or funny gnomes. The popular premise for zombie films is one of infection. A scientist at a secret lab infects some poor lab creature with a test virus. The virus affects the host in a way they don’t foresee and the animal responds, attacking and […]

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Flashing Garden Gnome Rude Garden Gnome

Rude Garden Gnomes for a bit of naughty in the garden

Why not consider rude garden gnomes, if you don’t want a funny garden gnome or a zombie gnome? Welcome to Naughty Gnomes UK! Rude means different things to different people. What does rude mean to you? I looked it up in a dictionary and it gave three main meanings in the context we are using: Deliberately […]

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Blue Garden Gnome with Solar Powered Lamp Post

Solar Garden Gnomes to light up your Garden

Welcome to my solar garden gnomes collection. I don’t about you, but in the Summer I love it when I have a day in the garden with friends and family. We often have some food and drinks in the afternoon, and then a simple barbeque tea. As it starts to get dark, we light the […]

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