The Fairy is not necessarily an ally of the gnome but they do exist and my favourite fairies are here.

Fairy Solar Water Fountains

Fairy solar water fountains

Fairy Solar Water Fountains Introduction Fairy solar water fountains are a great idea for people who don’t have any space for electric fountains. They also cost less than the electric models. The only downside to them is that they depend on the sun, so they need to be placed in a sunny area. Fairy garden […]

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miniature fairy garden furniture kit

Miniature Fairy Garden Kits

Miniature Fairy Garden Kits – what are they?     Miniature fairy gardens and miniature fairy garden accessories are very popular at the moment. If it’s something you think you would like to try out, the easiest and best way to get started is to buy miniature fairy garden kits. The trend for miniature fairy […]

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wooden fairy houses

Outdoor Fairy Garden Houses

Outdoor Fairy Garden Houses – An Introduction Outdoor fairy garden houses are one of the key things to have in your garden if you want attract fairies into it. The other thing you must have is a fairy door which acts as a portal between their world and ours. Outdoor garden fairy houses are small […]

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